Vitamin B17, alternative Krebstherapie, Amygdalin

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Please do not start a systemic detox process with Biologo-Detox if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you feel sick or weak, i.e. if you are bedridden for example. You have to regain your strength and your excretion organs have to work efficiently before you can mobilize and drain toxins.

The Biologo-Detox-Light kit consists of Biologo-Balance, which is strengthening the liver and the excretion organs, and Biologo-Rescue, which binds toxins. The kit essentially fulfils two tasks:

  1. Using Biologo-Rescue heavy metals, chemicals and mycotoxins are drained from your body slowly but  effectively. In contrast to Biologo-Detox, Biologo-Rescue does not contain highly effective toxin mobilisers and therefore represents a gentle way to drain toxins predominantly from the blood, lymph and gut.
  2. Biologo-Balance helps you to neutralise your body acids, to strengthen your excretion organs and to prepare your body for a mobilizing systemic detox.

The better your excretion organs are working and the fewer toxins are contained in the gut, blood and lymph, the quicker your body will be able to tolerate the recommended dosage of Biologo-Detox enabling a faster, more profound detox.

As the term „light“ really does apply here, you do not even have to interrupt your detox process with the kit should you fall ill. You can continue your detox process, you can even increase the dosage of the two support products and you will even help your body to recover using Biologo-Rescue and Biologo-Balance.


Practical Information and list of ingredients see individual products Biologo-Rescue and Biologo-Balance

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